EXTRA JAÉN completes its informative offer from today with a monthly magazine that will be distributed throughout the province. With a careful full-color format, Gestión de Medios Jiennenses is once again committed to quality journalism, through great reports, in this issue, on the possibilities of the Landscape of the Olive Grove and the Cathedral of Jaén to be declared World Heritage.

In addition, the magazine includes a wide informative and graphic display on the VI Jahenciana Night, held last Saturday, an interview with the deputy director of the Caja Rural de Jaén, Luis Jesús García-Lomas, or all the details of the Researchers’ Night organized tomorrow by the University of Jaén.

In the words of the CEO of Gestión de Medios Jiennenses, Alejandro Mas:
“Today EXTRA JAEN becomes solid, corporeal, to enjoy more rigorous and entertaining information, to rest on the reflections that our team of opinion-makers offer them, to go to it whenever they want and not be out of date. Our intention is to reach our comprovincianos through all existing formats, so that there is no excuse for them not to find us or for us not to serve them. And in each format, whether audiovisual or not, whether digital or not, we will always get the most out of it, because we understand that what it informs, if it is attractive and comfortable to use, informs better”.

Click on the image if you want the magazine in PDF