Directed by Manuel Expósito Moreno, a professional with extensive experience linked to the history of radio in the provinces of Jaén and Córdoba. Collaborator in various written media and a reference in public opinion in our province for his weekly articles on political analysis.

Alejandro Mas Ramírez is the CEO, editor, businessman and majority shareholder of the Group.

A total of 40 professionals work in our Group spread over 7 production centers that are distributed throughout the Jaén geography in municipalities such as Jaén capital, Úbeda, Andújar, Cazorla, Jódar, Villacarrillo, Porcuna and Alcaudete.


Based on Radio Úbeda, a station that commanded a group of local radio stations in Martos and Alcaudete and after the incorporation of the Villacarrillo and Cazorla stations, the publishing company was renamed Multimedia Jiennense

Subsequently, the stations of Porcuna, Andújar, Jódar, Beas de Segura and the management of two other stations in the city of Úbeda that broadcast the Los40 and Los40 Classic products respectively are incorporated.


The local digital terrestrial television contest made the exploitation of this type of licenses available to us and thus we launched the Grupo Audiovisual Andaluz company to be the television publisher of our group

We started in 2010 with the DIEZ TV network based in the historic center of Úbeda and in 2017 we launched the Andújar headquarters and recently began broadcasting DIEZTV Villacarrillo.

DIEZ TV’s coverage ranges from Cazorla and Segura in the east to Montoro (Córdoba) in the west and from La Carolina in the north to Jaén in the south


ExtraJaén focuses on the free distribution of special thematic supplements with a high level of journalistic, analytical and informative content.

Founded in 2021 although it will be published in January 2022. It is edited by the company GESTION DE MEDIOS JIENNENSES S.L., which has extensive experience in media publishing.


In 2017, we finally closed the circle and settled in the digital medium with the websites of each of the media that we edit, starting with the radio stations.

Three websites (Radio Úbeda, SER Andújar and Radio Jódar) that hang from the digital structure of the SER (programming that these stations broadcast)

With a high-level presence on the Internet and in mobile applications, we create a large amount of quality and added value content